Voluntary work

During the summer of 2015 I did voluntary work in cooperation with the “Träna in Parken” (Train in the park) in Malmö which is an organization connected to Malmö city that gives out free workout classes in the parks i Malmö. Together with three other women I put together training regimes, workout classes and organize advertising. I was also a group leader for the workout classes. The classes have gone under the name: “Kroppsviktsträning för kvinnor med Barchicz!”(Body weight training for women with the Barchicz!). The classes are named “Kroppsviktsträning för kvinnor med Barchicz!”(Body weight training for women with the Barchicz!). Everything is totally free and the goal of the workouts is to get women interested in training and to get them to start moving. A lot of women don’t know where to start or don’t feel comfortable to join in when there are a lot of guys around. That is why we decided to do a totally women class. Malmö has a lot of outdoor gyms. During the classes we teach women how to utilize the gyms so they are better equipped to continue with their training on their own when the classes has finished.

The training sessions were mainly for on women who wanted to:

– be motivated to initialise their workout.

– build basic strength.

– start their training trip.

Body Weight Training outdoors is a great form of exercise that gives you strength, agility, explosiveness, flexibility, balance and mental strength. All our training sessions were based on exercises in which you worked with your own body as a weight and counterweight.

Under the name Barchicz we present functional basic exercises that require minimal equipment. The equipment we use is the outdoor gym in Rörsjöparken – Malmö.
During training sessions, we present exercises of various difficulty levels so that everyone, regardless of training experience, can participate and practice.
No one is too young or too old to participate body weight training. So bring your mother, your grandmother and sister and help us to inspire other women to a healthier life and stronger life! The classes are free and all women are welcome!

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